Is your period normal

And what they're trying to tell you


Your menstrual cycle is a REALLY GOOD indicator of your overall health. Knowing all of these are really important so you can either go about your life in a great way or you can go to the doctor and be honest and upfront about your symptoms. Remember, don't let someone else tell you what your body should or is feeling!

What's normal:

Pain free/minimal pain

Regular periods that last about 3-7 days

Your menstrual cycle lasts between 21-35 days

Average blood loss during your period is about 10-35ml

Your menstrual blood is bright red like cranberry juice (although there may be some changes in colour at the beginning or end)

Your vaginal fluid is medium viscosity, not too thin not too thick 

You ovulate every month

In general your emotions are pretty stable and you feel quite balanced

You feel energised

You've got a libido!


What's considered not normal:

Severe cramps and pain

Irregular periods

Period lasts 1-2 days or more than 7

Menstrual cycle that's shorter than 21 days or longer than 35

Blood is pink, dark or watery

Large clots

You don't ovulate

You have pain between your periods

Tender and swollen breasts

Decreased libido

PMS symptoms such as heachaches, migrains, cravings, fluid retention, mood swings

Hormonal depression and anxiety.


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