Things that you shouldn't do....

...when you're on your period

(and I'm calling bullshit!)


How many people here have been told that they shouldn't or can't do something when they're on their period?

After reading Periods Gone Public and finding it incredibly hilarious and poignant it got me thinking. One about all the things we're taught or not taught about our periods and two, there is just so misunderstanding when it comes to periods. One specific part I really found funny was talking about all the things we're told we shouldn't do when we're on our period. So here's my list. Feel free to add yours!

  • can't swim
  • can't horseride
  • can't go hiking
  • can't surf
  • can't go into the temple
  • can't do gym class
  • can't have a bath


I'm calling bullshit on all of these. For ourselves and for future generations. You can do whatever you want when you're on your period. WHATEVER YOU WANT!

So now it's your turn. What were you told YOU COULDN'T DO WHEN BLEEDING?