Monday the 17th December saw me host the very first ilo Female Empowerment Circle in Bali and it was just magical.

A group of 15 women came together to hold space for each other and celebrate each other. We met at the beautiful Maria Curau spa in Peranan (my favourite area of Canggu!) where we made a flower mandala, did a meditation together and then talked and bonded. It was so powerful to witness relationships formed, emotions being expressed and moments of magic.



Let’s just have a quick moment to really talk about flower mandalas shall we. Have you ever made one or been part of making one? Mandalas are used to focus our attention during meditation and can be used as a point where your energy can be centred - and that is what makes it so amazing when we create a flower mandala as a group - because it COMBINES our energy as a group which means that you’re holding and supporting that energy for yourself and everyone else in that circle. I love using flower mandalas as a tool to join a group together at the start of a session and I’ve found that it really makes a difference to the energy of the group. It’s a beautiful tool that sees women smiling together, being creative together and is a very powerful visual that almost builds and builds the energy.

Some of the most common meanings when we talk about flower mandalas are:

  • Support

  • Love

  • Kindness

  • Compassion

  • Connection

  • Compassion



I created these powerful Full Moon mediations to join our combined energy, hold space for each other and truly give power to our intentions. I’ve uploaded them here for you to listen to at your leisure (although they’ll be particularly powerful on Friday) and I’ve uploaded a version for a group and for a single meditation so choose whichever works for you. It was created to combine our energy and use that with the full moon energy to create a powerhouse of fireworks and intentions for our lives. Not only is it a full moon on Friday but it’s also the Winter Solstice so I cannot say enough - THIS IS A POWERFUL TIME!



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