Period Apps

And what you need to know.


That's right. So it's great, you've decided to track your menstrual cycle - personally, I'M BLOODY DELIGHTED! On a side note, have you checked to see who your app is selling your very intimate and private information too? There's been big news on how period apps are making a bloody fortune on your cycle for example The Guardian wrote this piece here as well as a video and to be frank, they are both scary! 

While your vulva and vagina have been amazingly digitalised in recent years periods are THE next thing. Insurers as well as employers are keeping a beady eye on who's trying to get pregnant, who's not and that gives them some great insight into what their workforce will look like in a couple of months/years time. 


I know it can seem a little far fetched but think about it. It makes perfect sense for companies to want to keep track of you - maybe even your company incentivises you to use one of these fitness apps that will track everything from weight gain (and if you're healthy to work) to exercise and fertility.


And it's big business - Womens health tech area is set to reach 50BN USD by 2025 - that is a massive amount of power that these companies wield over us a women. The reason this is so important? Well think about the recent abortion law changes in the US and how important and mind blow-ingly intrusive if the government bought information about your period and could see you were pregnant and didn't want it. I mean......

So while it's super duper exciting to track your period and keep it on your phone, if you want an alternative - like a writing it down kind, we have one just for you. Just click here to get your ilo Period Journal.