When it comes to health issues our Founder, Jette, tends to go down the eastern medicine route first with tactics that include, acupuncture, reflexology and massage. While some of those are might be way out of our everyday budget or habits, there are a few ways to help with period pain/emotional ups and downs and hormone control during your cycle, through the effective magic of essential oils. Here are Jette’s top 5 oils:

  1. Good old Lavender. This is by far one of the most versatile essential oils on the planet ( Molly, Jette’s baby girl gets a nightly lavender oil massage because it’s by far one of the safest oils to use). She recommends dabbing a mix of almond oil (not if you have nut allergies!) with a drop or two of lavender and do a gentle circle massage on your lower abdomen. Lavender is a topical pain relief as well as being anti inflammatory so it’ll really help get you all mellow and jello.


  2. Peppermint is one of those uplifting and whoop-la essential oils that basically gives you a big jolt of awakeness and zing. It’s great to clear the cobwebs when we’re in the that cramping area.


  3. Rose, while it’s quite a dangerous essential oil if preggo, this is great to stimulate the regulation of  hormones as well as giving you a general aura of calm. A great oil to rub on your tummy and dab on your wrists if you are not pregnant.


  4. Chamomile, oh this old chestnut, or should we say flower. Again, it’s such a gentle yet powerful essential oil (Molly also gets a taste of this on her skin before bed) this is a great stress relieving essential oil. Dab it behind your ears or even on your wrists to feel the relaxing benefits. 


Remember that essential oils are POTENT as hell and need to be taken care with. Don’t ingest unless food grade, keep them away from kids unless in eeny teeny tiny quantities and enjoy. 

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