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Let’s talk Vaginas…before you looked at this diagram could you have told us the different parts of down there? Your vagina is a really specific part of The Vulva as a whole so when we call down there a vagina, we’re actually wrong. It’s actually the tube connecting your uterus with the world. I’m going to explain this region from the outside in ok?



This is going to be the very first thing you see when you take a look down there and where your pubic hair grows. Think of these as the first barrier to the outside world.


Hello second barrier to the outside world! These bad boys or girls are often the pieces of skin that give us women and girls a bit of stress with how they look. Remember that every persons vulva is different! There is no right or wrong when it comes to how it looks. One side could be longer than the other, they could stick out past your Labia Majora and it’s all fine! The Labia Minora also secrete an oil which is to keep your lubricated and comfortable down there.


It’s said that the Clitoris has about 8000 nerve endings and so it’s no wonder this is one of the most sensitive and pleasurable parts of our body and the Clitoral Hood is literally a little hood that sits over your nub of a clitoris to protect it.


This is found just below your clitoris and is where your wee from. It’s pretty hard to see and you won’t be able to feel anything.


Think of this as the gateway to your actual vagina and has almost doors that open up to your vagina. Note that all bodies will have a different skin tone and this applies to down there as well. Each one is a different colour, size, shape and we’re all for a inclusion of all shapes, sizes and colours!


Your vagina leads to your uterus and can also be called your birth canal. Without anything in it (tampon, penis etc) the walls of your vagina actually touch and is covered in a type of mucus which is similar to that in your nose and throat canal. Don’t forget that this is a muscle and can be worked out and used and can build strength. Sit on a chair and try squeezing down there. Can you feel the difference?


This is at the top of your vagina and at the bottom of your uterus. It’s closed and is un-feelable from the outside of your body. It's an amazing part of our bodies that opens let’s fluid out (blood during your period etc) and also will completely open when you’re giving birth.


This is where a baby will grow, if you have one. The lining of your uterus sheds roughly every 25-45 days and this is called your period or menstruation.


Every month your ovaries release an egg in the hopes that it’ll meet some nice sperm who want to make a home (ie making a baby) and if this doesn’t happen your uterus lining sheds.


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