Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. These are the 4 seasons of your cycle. We love referring to our period as a whole cycle, that can last anywhere from 25/28 days up to 45+. It all depends on your age, your environmental issues, whether you've had children, have hormone issues etc etc. The list really does go on regarding what affects your cycle and bleeding length.

As women and girls we're taught that our period is those 1-7 days we bleed and yes, that is our period, but our cycle, our whole cycle affects every aspect of your day to day life. Every single day your hormones shift dependant on what season you're in and what your body reacts to. It is literally just like the Earths seasons and that's why we love referring it as the same. Our bodies undergo vast changes throughout our cycle and we've got some special insights to how you can really make the most of each cycle when it comes to day-to-day life. 

Winter Season is considered our menstrual or death phase and lasts from 1-7 days. It's when the uterus lining sheds and we bleed.

Spring Season is our follicular phase where things start to come alive again after bleeding and is roughly day 8-13.

Summer is our ovulatory phase were an egg is released and our bodies prepare ourselves for possible fertilisation and is about day 14-16.

And finally our Autumn season where just like Earth, our bodies start to prepare ourselves to release and let go. It's also known as our luteal phase and is roughly day 17-28. 

Remember that all of these days are rough guides, every person who has a period is totally different and it will vary throughout your life. 


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