So, you know what your period is, but what the other P. This P is dedicated to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). You've probably heard about it on blogs or in the news and whilst it's becoming increasingly diagnosed, it's still quite confusing. Our founder, Jette, has it and she's confused! You can check our our IGTV on instagram to hear her low down on it. Our first #iloiam interview with Rosie, she also talked about her journey with PCOS here.

Maybe some of you know what it is already and that's great, because knowledge is power babes, knowledge is power. The reality is about 1 in 15 of us women have it. And so PCOS really is a common issue and he good news is that like any problem in life, this has a solution too! All is not lost ---> read on to learn more about what PCOS is really all about. 

It's a common condition that affects our ovaries due to an imbalance of reproductive hormones that may affect our overall health and appearance. In a healthy environment, an ovary makes an egg which is released during your Summer Season of each cycle (generally on a monthly basis but as we know it can vary!!) leading to a period. So with the presence of PCOS, the egg (or eggs) may not develop and with one less egg due to release during ovulation this may lead to missed or even irregular periods. We know how important our periods are, sure we can do without the cramps and other good things that come with it but we still love our cycles as we know that these are a sign of a healthy well being of our ovaries. So while we may be going through the most excruciating period cramps and say that ‘Gosh, I wish I didn’t get my period anymore’ we surely don’t mean it. Why? Because missed periods especially due to PCOS could mean infertility and/or development of cysts (worry not there are remedies for both!). 

Now we may think that it may never happen to us (it’s great to put out positive vibes in the universe) but it is also important to educate ourselves of the signs so we can fix the imbalance sooner than later. After all, we don’t want to go looking for solutions at the eleventh hour when we had the signs all around us the whole time! One of the biggest symptoms is irregular or missed periods. It's really common for women with PCOS to have super irregular periods and that's one of the reasons a common treatment is being put on the pill. Other symptoms include more hair over your body, lots of weight gain especially around your tummy region, sugar cravings all the time, really low energy and tiredness. 

One of the first things I'd suggest doing is going and talking to a doctor or your medical expert if you think you might be suffering from PCOS. It's important that to get a diagnoses and treatment sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, most women who are affected by this only learn about the imbalance when they are trying to have a baby and it can really affect fertility. The second thing we'd recommend doing is tracking your cycle, not just when you bleed. You can download kilo's PERIOD JOURNAL and keep a healthy track of your emotions, feelings, body symptoms over several rounds of your cycle and this is great knowledge to take to your medical advisor. Often times we're like 'well, I think I was late, but I can't give you time' sound familiar?!

PCOS can lead to other health issues too. Jette, our founder, almost died when a cyst on her ovary burst and she had to be rushed into emergency surgery. It was only then that she'd been diagnosed. It's something to take seriously but to really remember that there are ways and means to reverse or at least control it. Food plays a big part in Jette's PCOS story. 

 So our fellow goddesses, let’s be a stronger part of being the best & healthier versions of ourselves and be more conscious of the choices that we make from the food that we eat to the form of exercise we choose and even something as simple as the healthiest feminine product we use (ilo organic sanitary products will cover you for the latter when we launch our product range in a couple of months)! After all, we have this beautiful gift of life and our first & foremost responsibility is to look after this beautiful life that we have been blessed with in the most beautiful gifts of our bodies! Always remember, ILO is here for YOU! If you have a question or two, just let us know!! 




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