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celebrating your body

celebrating your body at every stage of your cycle

At ilo we believe that every single person with a period is important. We want the world to become educated, empowered and inspired by all things period. It is our mission at ilo to create a safe and empowering place where no question is silly and no problem too small.

We believe that every person should have access to safe, non toxic period products and it’s our mission to educate not only women and girls, but men and boys to understand the female body, to celebrate their existence and magic and to finally de-stigmatise something so natural, as our periods.

ilo is here to celebrate you.


our mission

celebrating your body

at every stage of your cycle

About us, our Founder Jette tells us her reason for starting ilo

about us

Born out of despair at learning how toxic mainstream sanitary products are, we wanted a better way. A better option. Jette, our founder, created ilo, a unique educator in all things period.


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